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Marketing is more than a career for me; it’s a passion that stirs within to help people and companies reach their goals. The strategies I’ve learned to implement alongside the creativity I’ve learn to exercise, is what I believe has become one of my greatest artforms to date.

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Marketing Guru & Strategist

Gabby Starnes

((D.B.A. HELPS2))
Boston University School of Management; Boston, MA Bachelor of Science in Business Administration // May 2011 Concentration in Organizational Behavior and Entrepreneurship; Religious Studies Minor EXPERIENCE
Central Coast College, Salinas CA // October 2015 - Present Designed new website and made branding cohesive via Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube Increased leads and community influence with Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising Created television commercials and YouTube series to fuel student engagement Evangel Home, Fresno CA // May 2013 - Present Revitalized and grown social media with no paid advertising → 115% increase in people participating on FB → helped bring in $60,000 in 2016 Designed website conducive to receiving consistent donations that receives over 1000 views per week, which has led to an increase in donations and donation consistency Secured a $120,000 per year advertising grant from Google Designed multiple social media campaigns, initiating 115% increase in people participating in their community on Facebook Helped them grow from 33 to 1257 organic (non-paid) and active Twitter followers. Built a newsletter list of over 115 subscribers in less than a year Martay Music, Salinas CA // May 2011 - Present Ran a Facebook Ads campaign that secured over 1000 votes in less than 14 hours for Martay (musician) while competing in the Labor Day Music Festival Competition. This took her from #6 in the running to number one, giving her the opportunity to open for rapper Snoop Dogg. Designed website, press materials and cohesive social media branding Created album cover and branding for latest album, “Before the Bouquet” (2017) Dorothy’s Place, Salinas CA // October 2017 - May 2019 Designed new website, installed donation infrastructure and ran winter campaign → resulted in bringing in over $70,000 worth of donations in 2019 Increased donors and community influence with Facebook Advertising Recorded, filmed and produced bi-weekly YouTube videos and commercials UWin, Oakland CA // November 2016 - October 2018 Designed new website and made branding cohesive via Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube Increased leads and community influence with Facebook Advertising Rebel Girl Clothing, Los Angeles CA // August 2015 Fully modernized website and made it conducive to selling in the fashion industry Increased engagement with followers on Facebook by 131% a week (371 more people a week) organically (no paid advertising) Created and leveraged Facebook ads to make company profitable in less than 3 weeks With paid ads finally started turning profit The Weekend 22 Radio Show, Nashville TN // February 2015 - July 2015 Built customized website focused on fan-interaction and engagement, increasing web traffic by 700 viewers per week Increased fan engagement on Facebook by 68% per week (2460 more people a week) organically (no paid advertising) Sent monthly newsletter to over 80,000 subscribers A Twitter account was built and grown to 216 active, organic followers LiveHeart Church, San Jose CA // September 2013 - September 2014 Created a website to build credibility and serve as a place to be found online Actively used Facebook to promote and engage with their target audience, led to 113% increase in followers. Implemented Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.) techniques, which increased their search engine ranking from 7th place when searched on web browsers to number 1 The Extreme Tour, Nashville TN // May 2011 - September 2014 Coordinated set-up, marketing & execution of over 60 annual music events throughout U.S.A. Created & maintain website, social media platforms & annual promotional graphics-materials Utilized coding to maintain over 500 band applications in web database SKILLS Marketing (Google Adsense, Google Adwords, campaign creation, social media platforms & strategy, Adobe Creative Suite, monetization strategy), computers (Microsoft Office, data manipulation, PowerPoint), fundraising (Google Grants, grant writing, monetization) and web design/development (Squarespace, WordPress, basic HTML, CSS, SEO). More experience available upon request.